The Who's of Dr. Mossadegh's Overthrow


From:  "Sam Ghandchi" <>
Date:  Sat Jun 24, 2000  6:59 pm
Subject:  The Who's of Dr. Mossadegh's Overthrow

Finally the hard evidence that Dr. Mozaffar Baqai was
among the ones who worked with CIA to overthrow
Dr. Mossadegh's government.

Once again we see the list of the intelligence and
military personnel who were the ones making the

Once again we see that foreign intervention
in Iran has always been done by the likes of Savak
and Savamma agents, who are
part of the internal repressive machinery:

Here are the names noted in the above report:

Acting Minister of Court Abul Ghassem Amini
Colonel Novzari, Commander of 2nd Armored Brigade
Colonel Zand-Karimi, Chief of Staff of 2nd Mountain Brigade
Commander Poulad Daj of the Police
Colonel Nematollah Nasiri, Commander of Imperial Guards
Lt. Colonel Azamudeh, Reg. CO 1st Mountain Brigade
Colonel Parvaresh, head of the Officers' Club
1st Lieutenant Niahi
Mr. Perron, Swiss subject
General Nadr Batmangelich, retired
Colonel Hadi Karayi, Commander of Imperial Guards at Namsar
General Shaybani, retired
Rahim Hirad, Chief of Shah's private secretariat
Soleiman Behbudi, Chief of Shah's household
Lt. Colonel Hamidi, Asst. Director of Police visa section
Colonel Mansurpur, Squadron Leader (cavalry)
Colonel Rowhani, Chief of Staff of 3rd Mountain Brigade
Captain Baladi
1st Lieutenant Naraghi
Captain Shaghaghi
Captain Salimi
1st Lieutenant Eskandari
1st Lieutenant Jafarbey
Mr. Ashtari
Mr. Mohammed Jehandari
1st Lieutenant Rauhani
Dr. Mozaffar Baqai