IHRWG-Students under the Death Threat


From:  "hoghoogh bashar" <hoghoogh_bashar@hotmail.com>
Date:  Wed Nov 24, 1999  9:17 am
Subject:  [iranscope] Students under the death threat

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23rd November 1999

Students under the death threat

According to reports in the press, three of the people arrested after
the July unrest at university campuses in Iran are still facing the
death sentence. Scores of other students have been sentenced to long
term imprisonment, while an unspecific number of other detainees,
possibly running into hundreds, are still in prison or unaccounted for.
Widespread use of torture against the detainees has also been reported.

Gholam-Hossein Rahbarpoor, head of the 'Revolutionary Court' was quoted
by Asr-e Azadegan daily today (Tuesday 23rd November 99) as saying that
death sentences on three detainess "have been confirmed by the appeal
court". These three are among the four people that were reported
earlier by him to have been sentenced to death for their part in the
students' demonstrations in July of this year.

Mr. Rahbarpoor again gave this news in the course of a 'question and
answer' session at a university and not through the normal judicial
channels (his previous pronouncement was in an interview with a daily
newspaper). And again, he gave no details of the names and particulars
of the accused, where or when the sentences have been issued or the
appeals heard, or how the prosecutions have been conducted.

The Iranian Human Rights Working Group is gravely concerned about the
fate of these students and appeals to the Iranian and international
communities to do whatever possible to prevent this gross violation of
human rights from taking place. We also strongly condemn the manner in
which these and other detainees have been tried and their sentences
being pronounced. All the sentences have been handed down without the
minimum standards of fair trials or provisions of the Iranian laws.
None of these trials have taken place in an open court or the defendants
given the right to be represented by defence lawyers of their choice.
Moreover, many of the detainees have been subjected to torture in the
course of interrogation in order to make them confess - and then the
same confessions have been used against them. Some of these confessions
were broadcast on the national TV as an attempt to justify the harsh
sentences issued against them.

We once more call upon the Iranian government to put an end to the
arbitrary nature and brutal practice of the judiciary system, and in
particular the revolutionary courts, and abide by its obligations under
the international and domestic laws governing fair and open trials. We
further demand that all the unlawful sentences handed out against the
detainees are revoked, and all those arrested for their part in the
students' demonstration are released immediately. Moreover, we remind
the government that it is obliged to bring all the perpetrators of the
attacks on the students and their dormitories to justice, and until such
time that this is done it bears the ultimate responsibility for the
deaths and destruction caused by those attacks and the subsequent
suppression of the students' demonstrations.

Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG)