IAIS-Translation of Public Letter from Manoochehr Mohammadi to the European Union



Alliance of Iranian Students


To the Members of the European Union


Concerns: The tormenting conditions within the Islamic prison cells


With warm greetings to the members of the European Union,

From the year 1999, a period where you and your diplomats alongside with your businessmen have ignored the human rights abuse in Iran and pushed for closer economic ties with the mullah regime and the reformist Khatami government, during this period my brother, Akbar Mohammadi, and I have been labeled as primary and secondary enemies from the University and placed under torture from sleeplessness and interrogation for nearly 17 hours a day, and threats of death executions from interrogators and Chief of the Islamic Courts of Tehran. I have been placed flat on the ground, with my hands and feet chained, and the soles of my feet beaten by cables. I had my hands chained with my body hanging, I have been punched in the face, I have been brutally kicked at the knee level and my head has been viciously rammed into brick walls. In a way that at the end of a day, with a body crippled and bloody, I returned back to my prison cell. Having these types of tortures handed down to us students by the Islamic authorities in the Tohid investigation center and the Intelligence Ministry Section 209 and afterwards being sent back to our prison cell in Evin, not only have my brother and I juristically dropped 30 kilos, we were left with absolutely no energy to communicate with fellow captive students.


Members of the European Union,

I want to send you the clear message that if President Khatami was true to his words and promises in establishing a civil society, and showed concern in regards to the affiliates of the Islamic regime, then at least he could have instated a representative from his government to investigate the prison cells and torture chambers to provide as a messenger to himself of the cruel and inhuman torture that us students and freedom-loving activists have regretfully faced. But why was Mr. Khatami not ready to proceed with this action?! We turn back to his non-democratic speech, during a period where hundreds of innocent victims were crying to the world in regards to the heartless torture they faced, Mr. Khatami responded in a speech questioning the innocence of the arrested students. I repeat, Mr. Khatami responded in a speech questioning the innocence of the arrested students!!


Members of the European Union,

Unfortunately it must be said that today not only Mr. Khatami, however the majority of the Islamic reformists have brought empty promises to the people of Iran, thus putting a enormous strain on the freedom-loving movement in Iran. The promises of the 2nd Khordad movement were nothing more than false promises in attempt to acquire strength and political over the hard-line clerics. In this dirty political competition, the Third Force (innocent people not affiliated with the regime) have fell victims in a battle between hard-line and reformist affiliates of the regime. During this period of political competition, where freedom-loving activists and journalists and political activists and members of the Third Force were placed under extreme torture and illegal arrests, Mr. Khatami played the role of the 2nd Khordad leader, and not the leader of the true reform movement of the non-affiliates of the regime. Not only did he not show the slightest support for the arrested activists,in fact Mr. Khatami responded in a speech questioning the innocence of the arrested activists! Unfortunately, until now where 3 long years have passed, Mr. Khatami has still failed to show the slightest support for us, the innocent victims of the July '99 Unrest. Keeping all this in mind, in regards to our innocence, not only has Mr. Khatami ignored our human rights, he has also led the way for suppression of the entire student movement. Even if Mr. Khatami was not in favor of the students, at least he could have remained silent or referred to the Islamic Code 168 which states that a political violator must be sent to a public court with presence of a lawful jury and a lawyer representing on a behalf of the defendant. Furthermore, Mr. Khatami had deliberately ignored the Islamic Code 37 that states an accused party is not guilty until proven guilty in a public court. In addition, Mr. Khatami's response to us, the innocent victims of the July Unrest, was illegal in correspondence to the Islamic Code 121 that states "I as President in presence of the Holy Quran and the people of Iran swear upon God that I serve to protect justice, and defend freedom and rights of the noble citizens in which Law has instated."


Members of the European Union,

Keeping in mind the dishonesty and illegal actions of President Khatami, do you still believe in this man, who has lost the belief and support of his own people?


Members of the European Union,

You must keep in mind that our vote for Khatami was not a vote for Khatami's route to power and rule alongside with his empty promises. Meaning, out of the 23 million voters for Khatami 22 million voters believed that Mr. Khatami could be used as a weapon to travel the linking bridge to freedom and democracy and the people of Iran must travel this rugged path. For this reason, months after Mr. Khatami's second term, we are, more than ever, witness of a replacement of reformists in favor of radicals.

The reformist movement, in which Mr. Khatami and other non-democratic reformists have stood by, has given lost hopes to once believers of Mr. Khatami and brought this faction back to the democratic movement of Iran. In an alternate perspective, the will and desire of the people has so greatly shifted to radicalism and absolute change that it may be concluded that the entire population, even the activists of the 1979 revolution that called for the collapse of the Shah from all walks of life are willing to settle with the conditions that were present during the reign of the Shah's regime in comparison to the conditions present during the reign of the Islamic regime. Today, the faction that once called for the overthrow of the Shah have labeled their actions as a mistake and a scar to the nation's history. I would like to ask, why? What could have driven a great percentage of Iranians to believe that the return of the former crown prince is the hope for all Iranians and counted! day-by-day the return of this individual? In my opinion, the only answer is that the course of the revolution had wrongfully shifted in favor of inhuman, opportunistic people who strengthened their campaign by taking advantage of the innocent, religious minds of the people. In effect this has become the cause of this entire crisis and dictatorship, and the people's rejection towards this regime. If not, then why is the Islamic regime not willing to place or consider a referendum in regards to the political destiny of Iran? If Mr. Khatami claims that his thoughts and path are opposed to the hard-line faction and claims that his path is in favor of the freedom-loving people of Iran in establishing democracy, then why during this sensitive period with acknowledgement of the pressures placed upon him he has not requested nor wants support from the people of Iran to defeat injustice and dictatorship. Furthermore, Mr. Khatami has given permission and free access to the hard-line faction to continue their brutal assault on the people of Iran and their ruthless reign, or given permission to the hard-line faction to cruelly, in the name of God, suppress and massacre the freedom-loving movement in Iran.


Members of the European Union,

It is needed that you be aware of the charges against me! In regards to my illness, for 3 long years Mr. Khatami has deliberately ignored my fatal conditions; keeping in mind that in correspondence to the Islamic Code 121 Mr. Khatami sworn to protect the rights of this people.

However I remain in prison because of my rejection towards this Islamic dictatorship and my will and desire for freedom and democracy, in correspondence to the will and desire of the Iranian population, in a Civil Disobedience Movement and believe in a government based on popular vote.

- I rest in prison on charges of my beliefs in tearing down the separating walls of race, religion and gender, meaning my will and desire for equality for men and women.

- I rest in prison on charges of participating in an independent and united pro-democratic movement alongside Student Islamic Organizations and the United Student Front. And according to the regime, our unity and freedom-loving movement was un-Islamic and a sin.

- I rest in prison on charges that our pro-democratic thoughts had spread amongst the students of Iran, thus bringing fear to an Islamic regime that seeks to continue its dictatorship. The fear of the Islamic regime had grown so large that in effect ignited the Islamic authorities brutal assault on the University dormitory, and regretfully my brother and I had fell victims to this barbaric invasion of the student dormitory. This barbaric invasion was, in the perspective of the regime, a strategic invasion that will forever silence our call for freedom and democracy. Throughout the years of injustice and dictatorship and suppression, the Islamic authorities were only successful in temporarily silencing our call.

- I rest in prison on charges that I resist to chant "death to ..." slogans to any nation or individual or group since I belief "death to ..." slogans cannot be tolerated. However the slogan "death to dictatorship" and alike, in my view, is tolerable. For this reason, the slogan "death to dictatorship" is heard from all freedom-loving and pro-democratic activists.

- I rest in prison on charges that I reject the invasion of privacy and fear of prosecution based on personal beliefs.

- I rest in prison on charges that I believe in the freedom of speech and press.

- I rest in prison on charges that I believe in the freedom of challenging thoughts and opinions, and believe in the freedom of expression from citizens from all walks of life.
- I rest in prison on charges that I believe in the peaceful practice of humanism among activists from all walks of life.

- I rest in prison on charges that since for 3 long years in Evin prison I refused to give false confessions. For this reason, more than any captive individual I have faced greater torture and ill treatment and banishment of visiting rights. In this 3-year period, consideration was given to reduce my prison term from 13 years to 6 years if I had agreed to give false confessions. In principle, I refused to lie and give false confessions, and for this reason my prison term has cruelly been set to 13 years.


Members of the European Union,

Examining the reformist camp in comparison to the hard-line faction, there stands a clear mutual relation and common goals. Examining the reformist camp in comparison to the people of Iran, there stand tasteful promises with no will of execution. There stands no hope for rescue of my brother and I and captive individuals alike. Time after time, we have sent numerous public letters to the Islamic Courts, Iranian Parliament, Islamic Parliament Committee Branch 90, Islamic Human Rights Groups, and President Mohammad Khatami. Regretfully we have not received a reply of any sort. However I have hope that the European Union considers and understands the unjust conditions of torture and guns and chains that my brother and I and pro-democratic students alike alongside journalists and freedom-lovers had mournfully faced; and instead of holding greedy economic ties, the European Union will support the pro-democratic movement in Iran and uphold the principles of human rights for all nations in which they hold lucrative business deals.


Members of the European Union,

Without a doubt, this letter I write to you is an extremely sensitive letter that will attract the attention of the hard-line camp of the regime, thus due to Khatami's silence and his non-democratic attribute I am placed in great danger and possible prosecution. From any perspective you may wish to observe, whether it being my silence or my objection, my fate comes near possible death from the hands of the regime. My concerns and worries are heard through my writings: "Is there any justice that may rescue me?!"


Members of the European Union,

For your information, below is the latest public letter in which I sent to the Islamic Parliament Branch 90, Iran's Islamic Court and the President in regards to the pain and torture I have painfully dealt with during my 3 years in prison:


Your Honorable,

With warm greetings,

I respectfully inform you that for the past 3 years I have suffered great various gum infection due to lack of hygiene and nurture. Time after time I had requested from Judge Hesam a dentist to address my infectious problem. I was promised a dentist, however these promises were simply ignored and not followed. Months later, I was sent to a medical facility twice, along with a handkerchief in my hand and numerous physical and verbal abuse and threats sent to me. A medical facility in which was not environmentally healthy and had no affiliation to the prisons, thus without any treatment I was sent back to prison with my continuing pain and infectious problem. In the instatement of Judge Alayi, I once again address my conditions and painful status. I was promised medical treatment if my conditions were serious from the perspective of the College of Dentistry at Beheshti University. The College of Dentistry at Beheshti University approved that I needed to medical treatment, thus I was sent to the prison medical facility where I was once more examined. The prison medical facility also approved that I needed medical treatment, thus a fully documented letter was sent to Judge Alayi in regards to my conditions and the need for medical treatment. Rather than standing true to his promise, Judge Alayi had cowardly request a further approval from the Governmental Medical Center in Tehran. There I was once more granted approval for medical treatment, thus Judge Alayi was once again informed of my conditions and the need for medical treatment. Keeping all this in mind, Judge Alayi had cowardly backed away from his promise and claimed that he is not in power of giving me recess for medical treatment and claimed that this power remains in the hands of the Revolutionary Islamic Court Branch 8, which unfortunately disapproval of any sort of medical treatment. I had sent all this information and documents to Judge Mobasheri of the Revolutionary Islamic Court in Tehran. Judge Mobasheri promised that if the dentist of Evin prison is incapable of properly treating my conditions, then my request for medical treatment will be granted. The prison medical facility had once again acknowledged its incapability of treating my conditions. After all this, Judge Mobasheri still denied my case, thus I was denied my basic human rights. With the fact of my gum infection, nights after nights I remained sleepless with a mouth full of blood. Acknowledging the long delay for treatment to my serious condition, I request my legal right to medical treatment from the dentist of my choice and trust. Worth mentioning, my brother, who is in his senior year of Tehran University, is held captive, alongside myself, and is undergoing even more dangerous health conditions. During these 3 years, not once were we're granted recess for medical treatment.




Manoochehr Mohammadi, Evin Prison, Section 269, Cell # 3

June 2, 2002


Alliance of Iranian Students



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