AIC: Who are you with? The Iranian People or Their Abuser, Islamic Regime of Iran


Dear freedom loving friends:


In continuation of its policy to promote re-establishing unconditional relations with the Islamic Regime if Iran (IRI), the American Iranian Council (AIC) has arranged a meeting on Saturday, August 2, 2002 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA (2:00 – 12:00 PM) Senator Torricelli and Representative Berman are among those who will speak at this conference entitled “The AIC: Achievements and Challenges”.


We invite all freedom loving Iranians and American-Iranians to protest the unlawful activities of this organization in regard to promoting relations with a terrorist regime, prohibited by the US “Anti Terrorism Act”, by sending letters, e-mail, and faxes to President Bush, your representatives, and senators.


MEHR’s letter to President Bush is attached. It may also be viewed at Mehr.prg



Some addresses are provided here. You may get the name of your senators and representatives from:


Those living in the Los Angeles area, please plan to participate in a protesting gathering in front of the Beverly Hilton Hotel at 9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 at 2:00 PM (Tel: 310-274-7777 )


In our opinion:

AIC’s main achievement has been putting together a good number of interest driven political figures and oil company representatives to lobby for the unconditional re-establishment of relations with the Islamic Regime of Iran, one of the most brutal regimes in the world.


Its challenge is to lobby even harder to secure a change of US policy towards the IRI.


Its nightmare is the struggle of the Iranian people for a secular democratic government, which has destabilized the IRI and therefore AIC’s agenda.


Those who favor and support the democracy movement in Iran should participate in exposing the organizations and individuals that try to deny them their freedom for their personal financial gains.


Thank you.


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Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR IRAN)


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President George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President:


We believe that your characterization of the Islamic regime of Iran (IRI) as being part of an “axis of evil” is correct. This regime has been terrorizing the Iranian people since its inception and has denied their basic rights on a daily basis. However, the only action that has been taken as a result of your comments during your State of the Union speech, has been denying visas to students from Iran who are the real victims of this terrorist regime.


On the other hand we are witnessing that in spite of your position and the fact that the IRI has been placed on the top of the State Department list of Terrorist Regimes, many groups, including the American Iranian Council (AIC), with the support of some American financial institutions and lawmakers are vigorously lobbying for the Islamic Regime. We are wondering why American Senators and policymakers are openly appeasing the most active sponsor of terrorism while the USA Anti Terrorism Act prohibits any association with terrorists.


Of course, this is done under the disguise of establishing relations with the “Iranian people” or supporting the “Reform Movement”. Neither of these characterizations is genuine. First, it is impossible to establish any relations  without allowing the endorsement, participation, and bribery of the Islamic regime. Secondly, there are no reformers within the regime. All genuine reformers are in jail and any demand for real reform is opposed and crushed by the entire regime, including Mr. Khatami’s faction.


Mr. President: when addressing the nation in your first speech after the September 11 terrorist attacks, you rightly asked for the American people’s sacrifice in order to fight terrorism. This raised the expectation that the U.S. government and Corporate America would leave the  “economic interest” factor out of the foreign relations equation when dealing with terrorist regimes. Unfortunately, this hope faded away very quickly. It seems that mending relations with one of the most brutal regimes of our time has become the main task of some profit driven financial institutions and policy makers to the degree that many authorities make friendly remarks and send unmistakable signals to the Islamic regime for the re-establishment of relations.


Along this path, once again AIC has organized an event in Los Angeles that will be addressed by Senator Robert Torricelli and Representative Howard Berman. The participation of US lawmakers in an event promoted by an organization like AIC that is known for its public advocacy and staunch support of unconditional relations with the IRI, a terrorist regime, is in sharp contrast with your stated policies and views and raises serious questions in the minds of those Iranians who are risking their lives fighting for a free Iran.


We, as well as many other freedom-loving Iranian/Americans are very shocked and disappointed by this news and urge you not to allow the lobbyists of the Islamic Regime to promote a terrorist regime. As reported in the press, AIC is a well-funded special interest group trying to further the cause of a government (not a nation, not a country, not a people) that you have labeled as a member of the axis of evil. That is why AIC has no legitimacy among Iranians and Iranian/Americans who are concerned about human dignity and human rights and are not driven by the “economic interest” factor.


As you correctly stated, the Islamic Regime of Iran is a terrorist regime. Those who are on one hand posturing against terrorism, and on the other hand seek friendly relations with a regime that harbors terrorism, are hypocrites. The supporters of IRI and their lobbyists like AIC have been trying to legitimize the IRI and justify unconditional relations with it by masking its human rights abuses. To the best of our knowledge, AIC has never made any reference to the terrorist activities of the Islamic regime or its systematic violations of human rights in Iran.


Mr. President: We hope that your concern about the terrorist nature of the Islamic regime will be manifested by your action to stop those who are trying to legitimize the terrorists and help them. Please stand by those who believe that the US relations with the Islamic Regime of Iran must be contingent upon the complete observation of human rights in Iran as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Mr. President: you have rightly said that fighting terrorism has a price. To fight the terror of the Islamic Regime of Iran, the “interest” factor should be left out and no help and legitimacy be given to it. Please ask the openly active lobbyists of the Islamic Regime, who are they with? Are they with the terrorists or with the Iranian people who are fighting against the terror? Please don’t allow the struggle of the Iranian people for democracy to face more obstacles.


Mr. President: last but not least, you indicated in your recent press release that as Iran's people move towards a future defined by freedom, they will have no better friend than the United States of America. We hope that those US lawmakers who are trying to appease the Islamic regime will also change their policy by endorsing your suggestion and side with the Iranian people by not helping and legitimizing their abusers.





MEHR Iran 




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