IAIS Summons-July 9, 5-7pm, Federal Building, Los Angeles, USA




July 7th is the commemoration of the Student uprising in Tehran University in expression of freedom of speech and in protest against the banning of the "Salam newspaper" and censorship. The students faced brutal attacks from the Islamic regime forces that resulted in arrests and injuries of thousands of students; a movement that shook the regime and gave birth to a new hope for change in Iran.


By participating in the July 7th demonstration in front of Federal building, we salute the students of Iran and send our support to the students who are to this day held captive in the Islamic prison cells and the students who are to this day continuing their fight outside prison by putting their lives at risk in the quest for freedom and democracy.


Date: July 7, 2002; 5-7 pm

Location: Federal Building; 11000 Wilshire Blvd

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Alliance of Iranian Students



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From National Union Of Iranian Students and Alumni:
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Alliance of Iranian Students:
The 18th of Tir, 1378 (1999) Summons - July 7, 2002

July 9, 1999 stands as one of the biggest turning point in the history of post-revolutionary Iran. This was the day in which the students of Iran, in full force and strongly united, took the streets demonstrating against dictatorship and openly calling for a secular-democracy. This day marked the clear separation between the paths of the young generation of Iranians and the clerical regime.
The “Second Khordad” movement brought the formation groups and parties leaning towards a more liberal and democratic society. The Iranian people took part in this movement only to overthrow oppression and hard-line rule.

The July Unrest was remarkably one of most bloodiest confrontation between the students of Iran and clerical authorities. On one front, the students of Iran openly defied the clerical regime, calling for an end to the dictatorship and injustice. On the other front stood ruling-reactionary forces with guns and chains and clubs, seeking to suppress the freedom-loving movement of the students by brutal force.

The 18th of Tir (9th of July) marked the creation of the Third Force. The Third Force openly proclaimed its independence from all affiliates of the regime, whether it being hard-line and reformists, and openly called for a secular and democratic state based on free elections.

Reports from the Student Demonstrations in July 1999

The Alliance of Iranian Students celebrates the third anniversary of the July 1999 student uprising. We the students of Iran stand strong and defiant in our quest for freedom and democracy. Time after time, the reactionary ruling Islamic regime has attempted to suppress our freedom-loving movement by means of force and brutality. This coward attempt by the regime only provides fuel to the ongoing hatred towards the regime.

We of the Third Force by no means tolerate any sort of theocratic regime.

The noble people of Iran,

Do not abandon us on this momentous day. We call on all social sectors of society to unite with us and defy against the Islamic regime. We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all students and political activists. We are a part of the Civil Disobedience Movement and we will prevail victorious due to our just cause.


Manoochehr Mohammadi interviewed by Mohri :

Reports from the Student Demonstrations in July 1999:

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