IAIS-The 18th of Tir

Alliance of Iranian Students


3 long years has passed since the brutal attacks against the students of Tehran University. 3 long years of brutality and injustice. Where is the answer?


The Noble People of Iran,


With our great history, now more then ever we must fight and stand strong against dictatorship and the seeds of evil. For more than 23 years, we the Iranian people have suffered torturous conditions by the hands of the Islamic regime. Now is the time that we unite and defy the theocratic government of Iran. The power and strength of the people ultimately conquers the guns and chains of the Islamic authorities. Day by day, the fear of the Islamic authorities and affiliates of the Islamic regime grows as they feel the scent of failure coming upon them.


President Khatami,


You shamelessly attempted to keep secret the deceiving and evil acts of the regime and bring the freedom-loving people of Iran into your criminal campaign. Be aware that the strong people of Iran will not be fooled by your misleading actions. The students of Iran have openly defied the hard-line clerical rule and called for freedom and secular-democracy. In response, you have shamelessly opened the doors for bloodthirsty authorities to invade our private lives and beat us to a bloody pulp. After all this, you dared to question our innocence. You have cowardly ignored the Iranians’ call for a national referendum placed under international observation.


The Worldwide Media,


The true picture of Iran is injustice and brutality. The mere existence of the Islamic regime is the continuation of worldwide terrorism and a threat to mankind. We of the Third Force have openly called for a national referendum and the establishment of a secular and democratic government based on popular vote. In result, we have been beaten and tortured. After 3 long years, still we have captive students whose only crime was demanding freedom and justice. Be aware that there exists no reform within the Islamic regime, however the so-called reformists have created a dark veil so the world are blind to see the actual torture and injustice which exists in the Islamic Republic.


The Honorable Delegates of the Free World,


We of the Third Force call for the establishment of a secular and democratic government that will participate in a healthy and mutual international community. Our movement is a Civil Disobedience Movement. We have no guns and chains. We only have our blood to spill in the name of freedom and democracy. In our vocabulary, we do not know the words “Death to …” We only know “Death to Dictatorship” because dictatorship is the enemy of freedom. In the falling moments of the Islamic regime, European businessmen have shamelessly tied lucrative business deals with the Islamic Republic, thus putting a great strain on the freedom-loving movement in Iran. For what reason? No person in the right mind will claim that President Khatami is a freedom-lover. President Khatami has deliberately opened the doors for bloodthirsty Islamic authorities to brutality assault the students of Iran. Opening economic ties with the Islamic regime is not a symbol of faith in Khatami’s so-called reform path!


, however it is a symbol of shameless economic gains in a time where the Islamic regime has thousands of students held captive in the Islamic prison cells that are facing extreme physical and psychological torture and pain.


The time has come for a national referendum placed under international observation in regards to the existence of the Velayat-e Faghih and the establishment of a secular and democratic government based on popular.


Alliance of Iranian Students



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