July 7, 5:00pm, Atlanta, US, 18-Tir Demonstration in Support of Students in Iran



There will be a demonstration in solidarity and support of students in Iran who are struggling for Liberty and Democracy, with the repressive Islamic regime in Iran.

When: Sunday July 7, 2002 at 5:00 PM
Where: HURT PARK at the intersection of Courtland and Edgewood Ave. across from Georgia State Univ. in down town Atlanta.

Please inform others

Attached are the slogans

Our students will rise,
From your fall and demise.

Extremists you shall fall,
As our people grow tall.

Theocracy will no longer last,
Democracy is no longer in the past.

Our future will shine bright,
From your fall and this fight.

Freedom will reign strong,
From your fall before too long.

Our students, they are bold,
They will break from your strong hold.

Our students liberation,
will lead to your damnation.

We are not afraid of your whip,
We will break from your grip.

Mullah’s sin will never win,
Students’ fight will make things right.

Long live democracy
Down with dictatorship

Democracy Yes
Theocracy No

Support Iranian students who struggle for democracy and freedom

Justice and democracy for the people of Iran

Free all political prisoners